Lost Ark Peyto Island - Collect Mokoko Seeds

Sailing southwest from Acetin to the waters east of Fern, players explore this gorgeous cruise ship, meeting characters of all types on board and embarking on numerous questlines.

Anteri can be found in the print room of the Stern Times office located in the Stern Origins business district. Competent adventurers must be well-equipped before qualifying for a vacation, meeting the Peto Isle 250 item level requirement for this quest to be available.

There are always 5 Mokoko seeds on Peyto Island

First, stick to the main hallway and to the second hallway. You will find the first Mokoko Seed at the end of the hallway.

Second, get Mokoko seeds on the deck. Once there, film the four events that take place on the deck of the ship

Daniel Daney's performance

clown show

piano concert

The performance of the mage Tanai

Here you will find three Mokoko seeds, to obtain them:

    The first Mokoko Seed is in the pool in the center of the boat.

    The second is on the far side of the boat, in a room.

    The third seed is in the market area.

Players will then interview Volta, the bartender on board, and sample his ale by drinking Dyorika, Totrich and West Luterran beers. Once satisfied with the vacation, players are free to draft Anteri's papers and submit quests.

The last one was hidden in Peyto's captain's quarters. To get there, you need to use the stairs in the market area. Then you take the first right and go to the upper end of the dormitory. You'll know where the last Lost Ark Mokoko Seed is.

In addition to finding Mokoko seeds, Peyto Island has other quests to explore.

Glacier Island Quest

Mathias, who is near the cottage on the southwest sun deck, is on vacation on the Peyto River. Tired of the sunny weather, Mathias craves the cold and asks the player to sail to the Glacier Sea in pursuit of Glacier Island. The quest then begins the Glacier Island questline.

Aiwana Island

Realizing that the player is writing about the resort for Stern Times, Volta will ask the player about visiting the nearby island of Aiwana. Doing so will start the Isle of Awana questline.

Caze is located in the Peyto Market area at the stern and asks the player about the Lord of Wavestrand Port. If the answer to Cals is correct, Caze will offer players a "gift" of Ventum on the deck, provided they sign his contract.

The contract hired the player as Peto's staff. As part of the contract, Payto employees cannot be removed from office without direct approval from the acting chief of staff.

To get out of this contract, the player must contribute to the ship by performing some of Una's missions. Be sure to follow RPGStash for more guides to earn tons of Lost Ark Gold or Pirate Coins. If you want to save even more time, go to rpgstash.com to purchase Lost Ark Gold to complete your Lost Ark Peyto Island exploration.


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